IMG_7910My name is Carla and i’m from North Plainfield, NJ. I’m 18 years old and my birthday is on March 31st. I was born in Ecuador and am fluent in Spanish and somewhat familiar with Italian. I am a first-year and I commute to campus. My favorite color is black and yes, black is a color not a shade. I love a wide variety of music and I love attending concerts. I’ve gone to music festivals such as Bamboozle in ’08 and ’10, Life in Color, and recently I attended Hardwell at Pier 94 in December.  I would consider myself social, friendly, upbeat person that likes interacting with others. In my spare time I like to go out with friends and try new things.  I am completely afraid of heights and have only gone on one roller coaster in my eighteen years of living.  Like many college students, I truly love and appreciate Netflix because of the wide variety of TV series one can find on there. I am a huge lover of “The Office” because of the the awkwardness and humor of the show.  I love to go out and try new food and restaurants. I have always wanted to take a road trip down South and hit all the major “soul” food places that have been featured on popular Travel Channel and Food Network shows.  Ideally, I would love to travel the world as I get older.  Traveling has always excited me because I have always been interested in all the different cultures and languages that can be found throughout the world.  My love for travel has impacted my career decision immensely because I have always dreamed of working in a field that would allow and, perhaps, require travel.  I’m planning to major in Communications and specialize in Public Relations.  I am somewhat familiar with blogs and the terms that come along with blogging because I have had a Tumblr for about four years now.  Unlike many popular blogs, my Tumblr has no set focus or theme, it is just many random pictures and quotes that I reblog.    I hope to get more knowledge about blogs and the way to run one through this course because in the Fashion PR field people are required to keep up with the latest blogs such as Fashionista and Stylelist.  I hope to be able to work alongside couture and high-end  designers such as Givenchy or Armani through the major PR firms that represent them.  Although my work field would most likelt require me to work in New York City, I would never want to live there.  I would love to live in Hoboken, NJ because it provides the best of both worlds to me.Hoboken is near to the city, it has a city-like atmosphere while having a home-y, small town vibe to it which is what I am ultimately look for in a city.  I truly believe that this creative writing course will not only be fun, but contribute immensely to what I need to know career wise.theoffice



  1. What part of Ecuador are you from? My mom’s family is from Cuenca. I usually go down there every couple years to see them. That is really cool that you went to see Hardwell at Pier 94, I almost went to that concert.

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