About James

Hello class,

      My name is James Grisard and I am an English major here at Rutgers University. I am twenty one years old and I am a senior. I enjoy reading as well as writing which may be why I’ve ended up in the major I’ve chosen. As for a career after school, I am not one hundred percent positive of what I will pursue. For a while I wished to be a teacher and my minor is actually education just in case I do want to one day teach. I am currently thinking that I would like to get involved with law enforcement of some sort. Possibly being an air marshall or police officer would be an exciting career choice.


          Outside of school I love to go surfing, I have about eleven different boards that I have accumulated throughout the years and I find time to use each one. I love being in the water and swimming; anything with the ocean is what I enjoy the most. If I’m not in the water I am probably in the gym trying to stay healthy. I love to work out and I go to the gym about six days a week. Something that I want to find myself doing in the future is being able to travel. I have been out of the country a few times and really enjoy seeing new places. I have been to Mexico, the Cayman Islands, and last summer I even got to go to London which was an amazing experience. I enjoy seeing all different walks of life. I would one day hope to be able to surf all around the world and possibly even catch a wave such as this intimidating one:

         I am currently a senior at Rutgers although I am going to have to return for another semester next year along with some summer courses. I hope that this class will be enjoyable and that I will take some useful and beneficial information with me at the end of the coarse. I hope to see some self improvement in my writing as well as my peers on this blog through time in this class.



  1. I’m really jealous of your surfing abilities. I took a surfing lesson once and it was awesome, but I’ve yet to get back on the board. As for a career, I’m sure you’ll find something soon and you’ll end up loving it, no matter what it is. Maybe you’ll get to surf and travel as a career!

  2. Being one of the older students at the school (I’m 31) I can completely understand how hard it is to choose a career. I still haven’t completely settled on one yet. I can tell you though, don’t panic if it takes you a long time to figure it out. As long as you follow your heart along the way, you can’t go wrong. I’ve made a lot of decisions others might have considered crazy, and they haven’t all lead me to a career of any sort, but unlike many, I can say that I have enjoyed every step of my life so far, and I’m certainly not lacking in experience. Keep at it, maybe you’ll keep me safe on a flight some day!

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