Emma S.D.

My name is Emma Dingle. Hey 🙂 I hate my last name so please do not use it at all. I’m 20, about to be 21 on March 23rd. I am from Burlington County and I live in Westampton. I transferred to Rutgers this fall from my community college. I am a junior and I expect to graduate in the spring of 2015. I live on-campus but I go home frequently where I live with my mom, my sister, and a dog named Rose (which is the dumbest name ever but my sister was 7 at the time so…) or with my dad.

I am an English major; I want to write novels. I am also thinking of minoring in Cinema Studies so that I can learn about screenwriting as well because movies/tv seems interesting. I tend to be very opinionated and I would also like to write critiques of movies, TV shows, music, books, etc. I would like to start a blog eventually exploring this but I am not sure about the angle or what aspect I want to focus on just yet.

This is why I am interested in blogging and I would like to learn more about it. I think blogging is very useful today-almost necessary-because of the way we get our information; it’s always changing and the world is much more fast-paced. In addition to this, books are still selling but a lot of people get their news and share information online. To keep up, I want to know how to blog at least somewhat adequately.

I really love music, movies, books and TV and the way they are all involved with each other. I wanted to be the person who picked soundtracks for films when I was younger, back when I thought that was actually a separate job. I like all types of music; alternative rock, punk rock, pop, hip hop, bollywood, etc etc. I do not really care for R&B or country, however. I love Of Monsters and Men, Coldplay, Passion Pit, Metric, Drake, Arctic Monkeys, Fleetwood Mac, Death Cab for Cutie and tons of others lol I could go on for days honestly. I adore P!nk.

by Wikipedia user Schulu24

by Wikipedia user Schulu24

My favorite books are the Harry Potter and Hunger Games series and a lot more that I don’t remember the titles to, unfortunately. When I was younger, I read constantly and blew through everything so fast, I hardly remember anything I didn’t read more than once. My favorite TV shows are Once Upon a Time, Teen Wolf, Parenthood, American Horror Story: Coven (and only coven because Murder House was terrifying.) I can’t really pick my favorite movies because I have so many. I separate them into categories: favorite Disney, favorite comedy, favorite drama, action, romance, romantic comedy, etc. A few movies that stick out are Pirates of the Caribbean, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, Lilo & Stitch, Tangled, Scott Pilgrim, What Happens in Vegas, Pineapple Express and much more that I can’t remember at the moment. I HATE scary movies because I have way too much empathy and end up placing myself and my friends in the people’s positions and it’s just all around a terrible experience.

When I was younger, I wanted to be a lot of things. I wanted to be a spy, I wanted to be a soccer player (I played defense for 3-4 years) I wanted to be a biologist ( only so I could study wolves which are my favorite animals) and I wanted to be something like Indiana Jones. I also wanted to be a pirate. So I decided to take the next best step and become a writer. I am literally always daydreaming so I felt like it was the logical choice.

Thanks for reading! Nice to meet you. 🙂


  1. Emma,

    I admire your love for Pink. I think that she is definitely one of the better role models out there for young girls. In fact my ex-boyfriends mom who I was very close with also loved her and taught me a lot about her! She is very admirable =]

  2. I also always forget book titles! It gets really hard recommending books when you can’t remember what they were called

  3. Hi Emma! I am an English major too. I think it’s really cool you are doing English and Cinema Studies. I feel like that will give you a lot of job options once you graduate! Very cool!

  4. I’m stoked the first book you named was Harry Potter cause I’m a huge fan. I’m also actually a big fan of the Hunger Games series too so thats cool. I really enjoyed your taste in movies as well, but I can’t really say the same for Pink. Don’t get mad at me, it’s not like I don’t think she’s talented or anything, but she’s just not really for me

  5. Emma,

    You started listing your favorite bands and artists and I was like yessss to every one of them. I regained a new obsession with Once Upon a Time during this last season (I’ll admit, season two disappointed me and I got bored).

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